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Welcome to YOUR Cybersecurity Journey.

Unleash your inner security person by earning security belts.

What is a Security Belt?

Security Belts break down security learning into various levels. As you progress, you earn a Security White, Yellow, Green, Brown, and the coveted Security Black Belt.

A Security Belt is different from a certification because the lessons taught and tested on have actual uses in your day to day professional life.

Why a Security Belt program?

Security Belt programs are sweeping across the corporate world, with companies rushing to teach all their people about security. A security belt program changes your security culture from within. Employees love it because they can see a path to attain knowledge and receive recognition.

How do you earn a Security Belt?

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1. Decision

Decide to pursue your own cybersecurity journey and sharpen your skills.

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2. Watch the Lessons

Security lessons are video, presented in a fun, short, and conversational way.

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3. Pass the Test

Earn your security belt to demonstrate security competency.


YOUR Security Journey

Your Security Journey is bigger then just the basics. Your journey progresses through the different Security Belts, and concludes with earning the coveted Security Black Belt. Security Black Belt is where it is at, as black belts are the security leaders within any organization. Remember, "Security is a Journey, not a destination". The Security Journey belt program is your path to unleashing your inner security person.

Security Belt

Defining Quality


Focus Areas

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A combo of security knowledge and experience

Security leadership and activity; become an industry expert

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Transforming knowledge into security activity

Security activity; taking the knowledge and applying it to the real world

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Role specific security knowledge

Secure coding practices, product pen testing, advanced vulnerabilities, and application security tools

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Technical, in-depth security training

Secure design, cryptography, vulnerabilities, and OWASP Top 10

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Foundational security lessons for all

Fundamentals, Attacks, Threat Landscape, and the business case for security


Hear from our CEO Chris about how to engage with your own personal Security Journey, and about how we help Enterprises as well.

What is the Security White Belt?

The Security White Belt consists of 14 modules, covering the foundational principles of cybersecurity, with a specialization in application and product security. After watching each module, the student passes a short quiz to demonstrate proficiency.

Why a Security Journey?

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Enhance your career and break into the field of cybersecurity

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Gain a foundational knowledge of cybersecurity

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Enjoy bite sized chunks of content served according to your schedule

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Connect with the world of cybersecurity

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Grow a security mindset and unleash your inner security person

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Earn a Security Journey white belt and show off on the Socials

What People Are Saying About Us

Don't just take it from us, let our customers do the talking!


United States

“Security White Belt is a great starting point for an individual or team looking to improve their organizations understanding of the security landscape. Outstanding information for an extremely small investment.”



“The content is designed very tastefully to provide more sense to the present situation of security landscape, and gradually increase the intensity of the course as it goes from White Belt to higher Belts.”



“This is my go-to recommendation for companies who want to improve their security knowledge and strengthen their culture without having to invest in doing it all themselves.”


New Zealand

“The chat show style of training video makes learning very simple, and is supplemented with links to relevant resources and a short assessment to ensure the key learning outcomes are reached.”



  • 2 Modules
  • Assessments
  • Individual
  • No Credit Card Required!

Security White Belt


  • 14 Modules
  • Security Belt Test
  • Individual
  • Social Integration

Team Security White Belt


  • 14 Modules
  • Security Belt Test
  • 5 Team Members
  • Team Analytics


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  • 12 month unlimited access
  • Unlimited Security Belt Tests
  • 6-10,000+ and SAML auth
  • Enterprise Analytics

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