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Episodes List

3010, 2018

What You Require, You Must Also Retire (S04E14)

Chris talks with Erlend Oftedal about what the Norway Chapter of OWASP and continues on into what retire.js is and how it works.

You can find Erlend on Twitter @webtonull

2310, 2018

Threat Modeling as Code (S04E13)

Abhay Bhargav joins Robert this week to talk about threat modeling as code. He dives into how this can help you in your own threat models.

You can find Abhay on Twitter @abhaybhargav

1610, 2018

Threat Libraries in the Cloud (S04E12)

Tony UV joins Robert on this weeks episode to discuss all things threat libraries in the cloud.

You can find Tony on Twitter @t0nyuv

910, 2018

Chaos Engineering and #AppSec (S04E11)

On this episode, Chris and Robert talk to Aaron Rinehart about how the security community can embrace chaos engineering.

You can find Aaron on Twitter @aaronrinehart

110, 2018

WIA: Women in #AppSec (S04E10)

On this episode, Chris is joined by Jessie and Vandana from Women in #AppSec to discuss the project! They dive in what the project is and how the numerous OWASP Chapters around the world can participate!

You can find them on Twitter @InfosecVandana and @jessrobin96

2509, 2018

A Conversation with Karen (S04E09)

This week we’re joined by Karen Staley, the Executive Director of the OWASP Foundation. She dives into what’s happening on OWASP and what we can be looking forward to in the future.

You can find her on Twitter @owasped

1809, 2018

Back to the Lab Again with a DevOps (S04E08)

Mohammed Imran joins to discuss the DevSecOps Studio and more about the wonderful world of DevOps.

You can find him on Twitter @secfigo

DevSecOps Studio

1109, 2018

A Slice of the Razor with ASP.Net Core (S04E07)

On this week, Niels Tanis joins to talk about Razor and ASP.Net Core versus General.

You can find Niels on Twitter @nielstanis

409, 2018

A Pen Testers Transition to #AppSec: #VoteForOfer (S04E06)

On this week’s episode, Chris is joined by Ofer Maor to talk about his journey about transitioning into the world of #AppSec from the world of Pen Testing.

You can find him on Twitter @OferMaor

2808, 2018

#AppSec Pipeline as Toolbox (S04E05)

This week, we’re joined by Matt Tesauro, a co-lead for the AppSec Pipeline Project. He explains how they began building this project and some ways for you to start using this in your organization.

You can find Matt on Twitter @matt_tesauro

2008, 2018

Threat Modeling with a bit of #Startup (S04E04)

Stephen de Vries joins to discuss Threat Modeling and the unique approach that he takes by using tooling. We also discuss application security and startups.

You can find Stephen on Twitter @stephendv

Stephen is the CEO of Continuum Security. You can visit them on the web to find out more about their tool based solution for threat modeling and requirements management.

1408, 2018

Securing DevOps (S04E03)

On this episode, Julien Vehent joins to discuss all things DevOps + Security. We talk through Julien’s new book, Securing DevOps and go in depth as to the journey he went through building security into DevOps at his job.

You can find Julien on Twitter @jvehent

Purchase the book here!

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708, 2018

CRS and an Abstraction Layer (S04E02)

Christian Folini joins Chris at AppSec EU for this episode about ModSecurity and the Core Rule Set project from OWASP. They dive into the timeline for the abstraction layer piece of the project and much more.

You can find Christian on Twitter @ChrFolini.

OWASP ModSecurity Core Rule Set


3007, 2018

Google Chrome and the Case of the Disappearing HTTP (S04E01)

On this episode, Chris is joined by Sean Wright to discuss the changes Google made with how they handle the HTTP Protocol. They also dive into TLS and some other pieces of crypto that relate to #AppSec.

You can find Sean on Twitter @SeanWrightSec



1206, 2018

All the Pieces You Need for an #AppSec Program: Finale(S03 E21) – Application Security PodCast

The conclusion of Season 3, all the best highlights, and some great advice from our guests on what you need to build an #AppSec Program.

We’ll be back in August with more episodes and more interviews.


506, 2018

OWASP, Reach Out; We Are Known and Misunderstood (S03E20) – Application Security PodCast

Chris and Robert are joined by Martin Knobloch to discuss all things OWASP. They dive into the history of OWASP and some of the plans for the future.

You can find Martin on Twitter @knoblochmartin.

2205, 2018

Malicious User Stories (S03E18) – Application Security PodCast

On this episode, Robert speaks with Apollo Clark about Malicious User Stories and DevOps. He discusses how to properly handle user stories in a world being taken over by DevOps.

You can find Apollo on Twitter @apolloclark

1505, 2018

Neurodiversity in Security (S03E17) – Application Security PodCast

On this episode, Robert is joined by Megan Roddie at the SOURCE Conference in Boston. She talks about the how neurodiverse people can truly help an organization.

You can find her on Twitter @megan_roddie

2004, 2018

#OWASP AppSensor (S03E15) – Application Security PodCast

John Melton joins to discuss the #OWASP AppSensor project. He talks about how AppSensor works and how it can be used in your application.

You can find John on Twitter @_jtmelton

OWASP AppSensor Project

1304, 2018

Third Party Software is not a Cathedral, It’s a Bazaar (S03E14) – Application Security PodCast

David Habusha joins on this weeks episode to discuss the OWASP Top 10 A9: Using components with known vulnerabilities.

He also dives into the Software Composition Analysis (SCA) market.

You can find David on Twitter @davidhabusha

OWASP Top 10 A9

1204, 2018

Dependency Check and Dependency Track (S03E13) – Application Security PodCast

Steve Springett joins the show to talk Dependency Check and Dependency Track. He also discusses how they can be used to help prevent you from using components with known vulnerabilities.

OWASP Dependency Check

OWASP Dependency Track

You can find Steve on Twitter @stevespringett

604, 2018

The #OWASP Threat Modeling Project (S03E12) – Application Security PodCast

Steven Wierckx joins Robert and Chris this week to talk about the #OWASP Threat Modeling project that he’s involved in.

You can find Steven on Twitter @ihackforfun

504, 2018

The #OWASP Cheat Sheet Project (S03E11) – Application Security PodCast

Jim Manico joins on this weeks episode to discuss some of the changes with the OWASP Cheat Sheets and the plans they have for the future of that project. Jim also talks about how they are looking for experts in the field to create or update some of the Cheat Sheets.

You can find Jim on Twitter @manicode