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Security Journey is the application security training program that gives you the real-world skills you need to break into a career in cybersecurity.

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Earn Security Belts, Level Up Your Knowledge, and Become a Cybersecurity Pro with Security Journey

Degree programs and security certifications give you credentials, but most fail to give you the real-world knowledge and skills that will make you valuable to employers.

Security Journey certificate levels (belts)

That’s why we built a Security Belt program that lets you earn belts—from White to Yellow, Green, Brown, and the coveted Black—as you learn real-world security skills and show that you can apply them in on-the-job situations.

Security Belt programs are sweeping across the corporate world as more and more organizations realize the importance of security training that will actually show employees how to keep their products secure.

Now you can get that same level of training at home.

How Security Journey Works

Each Security Belt level guides you through a series of quick, engaging videos and assessments that give you a foundation of security awareness and skills.

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1. Learn Secure Coding Practices from Seasoned Experts

Our short video lessons let you be a fly on the wall in conversations with security experts discussing real-world challenges you’ll face in any security role.

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2. Solidify Understanding with Intelligent Assessments

security concepts you’re learning. Each one unlocks the next lesson and gets you one step closer to earning your belt.

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3. Stand Out to Your Employers With Your Security Belt Certificates

Earn a certificate you can easily add to your LinkedIn profile and résumé for every belt level you complete.

What Executives and Security Pros
Are Saying About Security Journey

Matt Berther of HealthwiseMatt Berther
Director of Solutions Architecture and Security at Healthwise

“The team has been overwhelmingly positive about Security Journey. They like the casual nature of the training—it’s almost like a podcast, while still nailing the most important pieces. Then the assessments solidify the understanding.”

Healthwise Logo
Nigel Hanson of TrimbleNigel Hanson
Cyber Defense Architect at Trimble

“The chat show style of training video makes learning very simple, and is supplemented with links to relevant resources and a short assessment to ensure the key learning outcomes are reached.”

Louis Hansen from Living ITLouis Hansen
Senior Software Consultant at Living IT

“This is my go-to recommendation for companies who want to improve their security knowledge and strengthen their culture without having to invest in doing it all themselves.”

Living IT logo

Just a Few of the Organizations Training Their Teams with Security Journey

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A Complete Curriculum for Succeeding in Application Security

Security Journey offers five Security Belt levels that take you on a progression from beginner to pro.

Security White Belt Is the Foundation You Need to Get Started in an AppSec Career

White BeltThis is the launching point for any role in the field of application security. The lessons and assessments will take you through:

● Critical security concepts, terms, and fundamentals like: vulnerabilities, the secure development lifecycle, privacy and customer data protection, OWASP, open source / third party software threats, and more

● The most common types of attacks and attackers

● The threat landscape in IoT, Cloud, Mobile, and bleeding-edge technologies

Security Yellow Belt Gives You an In-Depth Understanding of the Principles, Tools, and Processes That Keep Products Secure

Yellow BeltAfter White Belt sets the foundation, Yellow Belt takes you deeper into the topics that are most critical to creating and shipping secure software. By the end, you’ll understand:

● The most important principles of security: secure design, input validation, authentication, authorization, logging, and cryptography

● How to combat the most common and dangerous kinds of attacks: OWASP Top 10, buffer overflows, denial of service, and the social engineering techniques hackers use to breach systems

● The tools and processes that will keep your software secure: threat modeling, static and dynamic analysis, vulnerability scanning, pen testing, and more

Security Green Belt Offers the Job-Specific Security Knowledge You’ll Need to Thrive as a Developer, Tester, or Manager

Green BeltDifferent roles have different responsibilities—that’s why Green Belt lets you dive deep into the security skills and tools that apply to the specific role you’d like to pursue. You’ll learn:

● Exactly how to write secure code and catch errors early as a developer

● How testers use white and black box techniques, pen testing, and other tools and processes to dramatically reduce vulnerabilities

● How to lead teams to improved security, allocate the right resources, and manage a healthy security program for an organization

Security Brown and Black Belts Guides You Step-by-Step Through the Actions That Will Make You a Security Leader in Any Organization

Brown BeltThe Brown and Black Belt modules walk you through performing actual security tasks that will strengthen an organization’s software development lifecycle and security processes. You’ll be able to:

● Take on leadership roles in your organization’s security culture and sustain its growth long after you’ve completed the training program

● Improve the systems and processes that strengthen application security

● Mentor and teach other developers as they begin their own security journey

Black Belt

Plus…Keep Your Security Skills Sharp with Security Drips

You can also automatically enroll in Security Drips—weekly bite-sized lessons you can consume in 15 minutes or less to sharpen your security skills year-round.

Each Security Drip is delivered via email, complete with a short 2-3 minute video and security experiment that will give you hands-on experience.

Screenshot of Security Journey

How to Fasttrack Your Cybersecurity Career

Chris Romeo
A Note from Security Journey Founder Chris Romeo

Figuring out how to get started in cybersecurity gets more complicated every year. As the number of vulnerabilities and threats rise, so does the number of certifications and training seminars available to anyone looking to get into the field. I know because I’ve tried them all.

Before Security Journey, I was the Chief Security Advocate at a Fortune 100 company with over 60,000 employees. My task? Finding a training program that would give our employees the skills they need to understand security in a rapidly changing landscape.

But there was one big problem: every program I demoed either:

a) Put me to sleep in minutes with boring videos of Powerpoint slides and people reading off teleprompters, or

b) Went a mile wide and an inch deep—they left you with no practical skills or knowledge that actually improved your security ability

If I couldn’t stand watching hours of people retreading the same dated material, there was no way 20,000+ developers in our company were going to get through it. They’d revolt! I’d be lucky to be alive if I wasted that many people’s time.

So I assembled a team and built what became the world’s largest security program inside our organization:

● We replaced scripts and teleprompters with passionate experts having engaging conversations about security that actually related to the work developers and testers were doing every day.

● We made videos and assessments they could progress through 15 minutes at a time, without disrupting their workflow.

● And we created a unique Security Belt structure that made advancing your security skills fun and rewarding.

The results? Over 20,000 employees went through the program—and it wasn’t even mandatory.

I wanted to rebuild that same level of high-quality, engaging security training from the ground up and make it available not only to organizations, but to anyone interested in building a career in cybersecurity.

And that’s exactly what we’ve built with Security Journey.

Every video, assessment, and lesson was created to cover the foundational security concepts companies will expect you to understand.

Hiring managers are facing a huge void of talent and expertise in application security, and certifications like CISSP, CCNA, and Security+ don’t go deep enough to give you the practical knowledge and skills needed to build secure software.

If you’re looking to accelerate your start in cybersecurity, I’d love for you to try Security Journey free and see how enjoyable it can be to level up your skills.

Click here to get started with Security White Belt in seconds, no credit card required.

And remember, security is a journey—not a destination.

Chris Romeo
CEO, Security Journey

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